MOH begins dissemination of National Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Policy Implementation Framework

MOH begins dissemination of National Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Policy Implementation Framework 

By Diana Kagwiria, ICRHK

On 21/03/2018, The Ministry of Health, Reproductive and Maternal Health Services Unit (RMHSU) conducted the first dissemination of the National Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health Policy Implementation Framework, 2017-2021. The event took place at Silver Springs Hotel, Nairobi and was attended by representatives of organizations in the Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health technical working group.

Speaking during the event, RMHSU Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health, program manager, Dr. Jeanne Patrick noted that this implementation framework will operationalize National Adolescent Sexual and Reproductive Health policy 2015.

“This framework offers Kenyans strategies and key interventions for the achievement of the specific objectives stated within the policy, resource requirements for the specific interventions and a monitoring and evaluation framework to track progress in the implementation of the policy,” said Dr. Jeanne.

The framework aims to provide sufficient guidance to all actors working in adolescent sexual reproductive health at National and County level thereby contributing to improved health and well-being of adolescents in Kenya.

The framework comes at a time when research shows that 26 % of maternal deaths in Kenya are adolescents. This is coupled with the burden of teenage pregnancy which is still huge in Kenya with the national rate being 18% with 22 counties recording percentages above the national average

Teenage pregnancy compromises education attainment and ability to secure decent economic opportunities, increase morbidity and mortality rates, encourages early child marriages as well as accelerates economic and social burden on families.

The Ministry of Health through RMHSU plans to roll out the dissemination of the framework at the county level and national events in the next few weeks.

The development of the framework was extensively consultative. It was guided by a multi-sectoral technical working group led by a task force comprised of national and county governments, international and local non-governmental organizations, development partners and adolescent and youth representatives.